Thursday, March 26, 2009

Music/Movie Channels V/s Entertainment Channels

For the namesake there are a dozen Movie channels and equal number of Music channels in Hindi but all of them are treading the same old beaten path like “Bhed Chaal” (Movement of goats in a group). How many of them are really ‘Varied’ in contents?
Same movies or same songs are repeated and re-repeated day in & day out in all the channels. Like me, regular TV buff must have seen the Priyadarshan’s movie ‘Malamal Weekly’ not less than a hundred times on Sahara One channel and equal number of times on other channels.
Tell me the name of a single music channel which has a fixed separate slot everyday for classical music or devotional music in the morning or for that matter, is there a single movie channel which has a daily slot for old award winning or classical movies? Yes, B4U movie does show old songs and movies after 8pm but the problem with the channel is unlimited number of commercial advertisements. There would be minimum 15 minutes of commercial break. So much so that it is difficult to say if this is an ‘Advertisement channel’ where songs and movies are played during commercial breaks!
The fate of other so called entertainment channels is no better. There is a mad rush to churn out dance and singing competition in the name of reality show/ talent hunt, none of them are different in either content or presentation. Far from being simple, the backdrop set colors would be too gaudy and lighting would be so bright that you can hardly recognize the singer or observe the body movements of participating dancers. ‘Boogie Woogie’ on Sony is one exceptional programme which is best out of all the shows where the judges never hog the lime light. They facilitate the conduct of the programme in a dignified way without going overboard.
About conduct of the judges in other musical programmes , the less said, the better. The judges seem to be more interested in creating drama than judging the talent of participant. If using only a limited vocabulary of words like ‘Mind blowing’ ‘Fantastic’, ‘excellent’, ‘good body language’ and ‘Yaar Tussi great ho’ amounts to judgment, I too can become one!


  1. I agree with you. The so called music channels are so devoid of quality that they are better avoided. Yes, Boogie Woogie is an exception because they just project the programme wthout any Razzmatazz and in a simple way.Their programme for children are really a pleasure to watch.

  2. You are so right about the repetition in these channels. You have left out the news channels which repeat the same news ad nauseum throughout the day and sometimes through the week! No, I don't watch any music channel or reality shows. I find the latter too contrived and phoney, not to speak of trashing youngsters' efforts in the name of 'judging' them. The only thing I watch are movies, and that too after carefully selecting them from the programme listing. Thank God for Tatasky!:)