Saturday, March 28, 2009

Noise Polution

Six years back we were very happy to shift our house from Dr Rajkumar road in Rajajinagar to Vidyaranyapura. It was a nightmare to continue stay at Rajkumar road where the traffic is ever increasing with entire road becoming commercial now. The sound of all kinds of vehicle are so strong that neither we could hear our family conversation nor watch any programme on TV without any disturbance. In fact, the floor of our house used to vibrate whenever heavy vehicles passed through the road.

On the contrary, our new place Vidyaranyapura tucked far away from the maddening crowd, was in a serene quite atmosphere free from the dust and noise pollution when we shifted 6 years back. It was aptly named ‘Vidya-Aranya-pura ’meaning a Jungle area. We heaved a sigh of relief on shifting. We thought that at least now we could lead a peaceful life. But our joy was short lived. To our utter disappointment, the vast green fields around our area soon started vanishing and concrete jungle of houses and flats started coming up in all the direction at a very fast pace. Roads became dusty and uneven due to constant invasion of heavy trucks loaded with construction materials and bore well drilling machines. Road-cuttings became order of the day in all the lanes and by lanes to give vehicle owners, specially two wheelers jerks of their life time. These road cutting became a permanent feature never to be repaired again by any one.

With the new residents coming in with their pet dogs and stray dogs arriving in full strength from no where completed the corum to disturb others only at a time when somebody wanted peace and rest. How can Street vendors, beggars and ‘Basavannas’ remain far behind. They all joined together to add to the noise level. If this was not enough, than there are sounds at odd hours of ‘reverse gear siren’ of different tones fitted in cars or people honking near their own house entrance gate till some body opens the gate!

Now, we are in a fix whether to shift still further to another ‘Aranya’ or to live with the same kind of Noise & dust pollution!

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