Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fifty Crores Bonanza

Come elections or ‘vote of confidence motion’, horse trading word gets momentum in political parlance. Now, Karnataka state is witnessing this melee.Both ruling and opposition parties are leveling horse trading charges against each other. If news report is to be believed, each MLA on sale is getting whooping 50 crores for cross over!

How come this word has come in to use in political field? In olden times, people used to carry huge amount of gold and diamonds on the back of a horse traversing miles and miles across the continent for trade & commerce purpose. So this word emerged wherever talks of trade arose. In politics it became a trade of MLAs and MPs. Now politics is no more a mission, it has become a trade where these so called people’s representatives are traded in plush resorts, sea side pools or in 5 star spas. These MLAs move in a group like (black) sheep and cattle.

Have you ever wondered how these 50 crores are traded? I have absolutely no idea but I just wonder if these are carried in a jute sack or in a suit case? Where are the godowns from where the supply is made? There must be a distributing point. Then again, where do they keep all these money? I remember, several years back there was a CBI raid on a Government official’s bungalow and crores of rupees were unearthed from his bed rooms. They were shoved inside the pillows and mattresses. Family members used to sleep over it. What a luxury without getting a sound sleep!
Recently there was TV news that currency notes were found flowing in a river. During our time, we used to read in textbooks that once upon a time India was so rich that milk used to flow like a river. But not any more, now milk is a scarce commodity and scary too for the heart patents. What a progress from Milky River to Currency River!

Coming back to the question, where do they keep all the ill-gotten money? They can not keep in bank locker because the moment sack is brought to the bank, cat would be out. A deposit in benami name is also ruled out as furnishing of PAN number is insisted upon. Any investment in real estate above 30 lacs requires reporting to IT officials. Yes, Gold can be one option despite soaring price. Gold bricks can easily be hidden any where even beneath the ground without any possibility of damage or erosion to the gold.

Sometimes I envy those ‘not so educated politicians’ whose sharp mind are able to find ways and means to amaze and hide in such a way that sometimes even the professionally trained investigating agencies are not able to detect any thing whereas ‘we the educated class’ can not even think of a place to hide our hard earned few thousands of rupees in our house which often gets robbed by white collared robbers or gets stolen by miscreants.


  1. This country has reached such heights of corruption that we need to hang our head in shame.
    Yes, money is not carried physically, it is transferred to Swiss Banks.

  2. very concerning developments... Even IT raids are leaked well in advance.,,,

  3. What an ironic post and how truly said that our hard earned money is looted by either the white collared robbers or thieves!

  4. very well written satirical post.

    Though whole post is truly amazing yet I really like those lines from your post ''milk used to flow like a river. But not any more, now milk is a scarce commodity and scary too for the heart patents. What a progress from Milky River to Currency River!''

  5. Nice post sir .. Politics etc is nothing but a shady "lucrative business" today....

  6. Well said. Although now I know how this money is exchanged. It is put on horse back and the horse is then sent to the traded MLA. Don't you think?

  7. You open secret accounts in the Caribbean islands. It's a haven for tax evaders.

  8. it seems to be a business nowadays... becoming an MLA once is enough to prepare for the retirement!

  9. While we are at our wit's end trying to save tax, these people who are stuffing cash in pillows!!. Politicians are corrupt in lot of countries, but in India they are a class apart.

  10. origin of the phrase was interesting

  11. Having lived in Blore and fallen in love with the place nd people, I feel really upset witnessing the political developments..The political scene in Knataka is worse than UP, Bihar...Sad..What a waste!

  12. why struggle at iit's and nit's??
    why study for 1/3 of ur life time??
    why spend lakhs on college admission??
    why work as trainee for many years??
    why all these when............
    an uneducated guy who is from a "politically strong" caste, without even knowing the spelling of 'politics' or 'government', without even stepping into school CONTROLS ALL THE IAS AND IPS OFFICERS WHO HAVE STRUGGLED TO REACH THEIR VALUABLE POSITION??
    a politician can make more money in a year than what infosis murthy or wipro premji have EARNED for many years with their innovation and hard work!!.....
    but the only disadvantage of this business is that u cant call it "hard earned money"...u can call it "swindled money".... u cant buy anything with it in ur name... u have to use benami names, hawala and of course SWISS bank!!