Friday, August 8, 2014


Going abroad on study tour is a favorite pastime of all our vigilant Corporators, MLAs & MPs. All of them want their state or city to become Singapore, Dubai or Shanghai. They often go abroad to study how their transport system works efficiently, how are their roads maintained, how their garbage is disposed of etc. It is another matter of discussion that those study tours neither change life in any city in our country nor the reports of such tours are ever made public. Just imagine, what would be the report of a study tour of Indian cities by similar representatives from some other country look like?

Here is a leaked report of such a study tour:-
“India is in real sense a republic country enjoying all the fruits of freedom. They have all the liberties on road. You can walk on middle of the road, cross the road anywhere you like, go into one way from wrong side, stop the vehicle anywhere suddenly without using indicator and jump the traffic signal at ease. Two wheelers go in a zigzag fashion, ride on the footpath in case of traffic jam, no need to give way to ambulances, fire brigade or police vehicles in an emergency. Traders can sell their products on footpaths and shopkeepers can encroach on them as much as possible. Small eateries on footpath are like mini drive in.

Cable operators, telephone, electricity, sewage board and all such civic agencies can dig the roads without any coordination any number of times repeatedly without restoring the road condition to its original state. Roads are beautified with high road humps & deep potholes. The road contractors are given free hand to take their own time to commence and finish the job of laying roads. Inferior quality work ensures regular contract.

People have all the facility for their garbage disposal. They can just throw them at the nearest vacant site, or corner of a road. If not, throw them in the open gutter. People often make use of these facilities while going in a two wheeler or even a car. They carry the garbage in a carry bag and throw on the road side garbage heap without even stopping their vehicle or bothering if anybody is coming from behind. Citizens do not bother about these and accept everything with a ‘Sab chalta hai’ attitude which is exemplary.

There is no restriction on taking out processions and blocking the traffic even on busy roads. Demonstrators can sit on dharna in the midst of the road with full protection from police. They can freely damage the vehicles plying on roads specially Buses, damage buildings, shops, furniture without paying any compensation to anyone. No one is arrested for such vandalism. Sometimes, only under pressure the main leader of such procession is arrested and later honored by the government with a ‘Gallantry award’.

For the elected representatives, regular attendance in the assembly or parliament is not necessary and one can enjoy all the facilities & perks sitting at home or doing their private business. They can even come to assembly or parliament to sleep or watch a video on their mobile while the proceedings go on. They can create ruckus or stage walk out of the parliament or assembly at the drop of a hat. Sometimes, they enjoy fruits of ‘Horse-trading’ after the election staying at star hotels and resorts and come back home with hefty bank balance.

The police are always hand in glove with the politicians and the rich. FIR cannot be lodged easily, rape victims are ridiculed, politicians get VIP treatment for their short stay in jail because they are never convicted for life term, goonda elements can operate their plans sitting inside the four walls of jail and common man can get away with petty offences by paying bribe. Punctuality is given the least importance. Indian time is very much respected and adhered to by one and all.

In short, it would be a fitting tribute to the Indian democracy if such measures are also introduced in our country for the benefit & upliftment of We the people”!!


  1. only a revelation of the sad state of affairs in our country

  2. That's so true. :( People believe that change can be brought by some miracle if some leader do Dharna, or Anshan, because people don't need to do anything for the country. Breaking traffic rule is supposed as an adventurous act.

  3. Mama
    You have highlighted the factual and realistic side of common man's plight and experience.
    Lets pledge to bring a change by changing ourselfs and by following rules and discipline at our individual level.
    If we change then India will change in itself.

  4. No wonder we are the world's largest functioning anarchy, where everyone is free to do anything wrong and get hounded for trying to be honest.

  5. Unfortunately we don't have commitment towards anything -- nothing at all. We feel we can ignore the world around us, which is also shrinking alarmingly -- from being the country and its citizens, our world began shrinking, to city, neighbourhood, extended family, nuclear family and now ME! That being the case, how can things be different at a national level? We keep talking of inspiring leadership. Unfortunately we have an inept dynastic scion, a joker and rabble rousing policians to choose from. One inspiring leader, whom we have finally found is not enough. Every one of us needs to start looking outside ourselves and look at the widening circle till we reach The Country, if not the world.

  6. This 'leaked' report actually portrays the state of affairs of our country. The sad part is that the very same people who commit such prohibitive acts in our country are epitome of model citizens when they travel abroad!

  7. Excellent Greg. Good, practical stuff. I just floated your article around my network. Keep up the good work.

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