Thursday, April 1, 2010

Morning Pickers

You have heard of morning walker and flower pickers but who are these morning pickers? If you are an early morning walker, next time watch those ladies and some senior citizens carrying a bag or carry bag with them. Amidst joggers and health freaks, you will observe these bag carrying walkers keeping a sharp eye on road side flower plants in front of houses and bungalows. For a moment they stop, glance around and start picking the flowers in a hurry and sometimes break the branches. They will try to pick as much as possible and quickly move on to the next street or road in search of more such booty. Seldom are they caught and seeking prior permission from the owner does not arise.

Older people trudging slowly with the stick in hand are not so quick like ladies but they too try their luck plucking flowers here and there. Sometimes when the bunch of flowers is inside the compound wall, first they try to climb the grilled compound and then with the help of walking stick in hand try to get hold of the bunch even if it is risky, unmindful of the open storm water drain nearby.

The house owners who are nurturing the plants as hobby and flowers for own use either get nothing or have to be contended with whatever is left out. Sometimes if by chance owner objects, they have stock replies in retaliation- “ This is a public road and trees, plants grown out side the compound wall is public property” or “Why don’t you also pluck them before any body else does” or “ We are plucking them for offering to God, who are you to stop”.  Here ‘Do not pluck flowers’ notice carry no sense.

One should observe the glow and sense of victory when these pickers are able to lay hands on handful of flowers even if it costs mere rupees five if purchased legitimately. At the end of the morning walk, these pickers feel pride in their achievement. After all ultimately, these flowers are offered to the God for prosperity and enlightenment!


  1. Ha ha now that there is no flowered plants around my home , i have almost forgot about this types :P In one of my previous neighbourhood, I have seen few people :)

    Have a wonderful trip!

  2. Have a wonderful trip.. I don't understand how normal good citizens do not feel like thieves when they take something (even if it is flowers) that does not rightfully belong to them.

  3. I am a victim of this menace few years back when we had so many plants in front of our home. But now after the construction of new building, all the plants have safely made it to my roof top with no access for hawkers. I do observe these old ladies doing this bad thing most of the times... I fail to understand why they don't grow up with age.

    Have a safe & happy journey and have a wonderful time in Himachal. Look forward to hear more from you once you return.

  4. Wonderful post. I have not seen this. Next time I will watch out for this.

  5. Very nice topic Sir, insteadthey should buy flower from poor at least this way poor can be helped in the name of God.

  6. Hi,
    Are you from Hyderabad ? I was startled to see the caption, and found the blog interesting. This happens in my colony everyday for the past 25 years!.

    I only wish that those who offer those flowers t their Gods, will also pray for the owners of those flowers..
    Or God is the owner and he is simply changing the place of the flowers.. I wonder.

  7. Yep. There is always a sense of achievement. Nice read.

  8. I know of a neighbor who has enough flowers of his own in his garden; allows morning pickers without any grudge; goes to other houses for variety! How is that?!