Monday, February 7, 2011

The 'Saas-Bahu' Saga

Thanks to umpteen numbers of TV Channel showing never ending serials based on ‘Saas bahu’ relations day in day out so much so that the word has become synonymous with legendary figures like Rama-Laxaman, Julius- Caesar, Laila Majanu, Tom & jerry or Romeo -Juliet! Not that this prejudice is confined to older generation, many of the present day modern and educated Saas Bahu continues to carry forward the torch with the same zest and zeal , the same old time tested thoughts and ideas.

Saas keeps harping on Bahu for not getting up early in the morning, not coming to kitchen to lend help, not taking care of other family members especially elders, not keeping the house in order, not doing the pooja, doing make up without the traditional Bindi or Teeka, not removing slippers inside kitchen or pooja room, unhygienic habit of eating, and occasional threat of walking out of the house!

On the other hand, the Bahu has her own equal number of grouse against the Saas:- too rigid in following age old costumes, always playing blame game, ridiculing the bride family, exaggerated reporting and complaining  to son about her behaviors etc etc. The son finds himself sandwiched between the two and finds himself between the devil and deep sea. On one side he has to please his wife and on the other hand, pacify the mother and make compromises to keep both happy!

Family harmony, adjustments, commitment towards each other, sacrifices, understanding and respecting the need/ space for each other remain buried under the wrap of long forgotten ‘Sanskars’ (values).