Tuesday, December 24, 2013

We are Law Abiding Citizen!

Prior to our country’s independence, politicians, freedom fighters and citizens alike used to break the laws ignoring the British ‘dikats’ and used to get arrested to go to the jail protesting against the British Raj. Today the entire scenario has changed and ‘We the people’ have become law abiding citizens of India unlike our predecessors.

We sincerely believe that ‘Law will take its own course’ whenever a crime is committed like rape, molestation, tax evasion, traffic violation or even murder. The first thing we do is to go underground to facilitate the police to do their duty of searching in right earnest. In their search, sometimes we take them from Gujarat to Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh to Haryana at Government expenses giving them an opportunity for sight seeing as well. By chance if they are able to catch us with our pants down, we tell the countrymen that we are not hiding or running away. We are very much here in the country and how strongly we believe in our judiciary which allows the law to take its own course.

As a law abiding citizen, we mow down people sleeping on a footpath and sincerely produce a dummy driver before the law to deal with. In case of rape & molestation, we blame the victim in the name of consensual sex. We do all kinds of illegal querying, constructions of multi stored buildings and shoddy land deals in benami names but when caught, blame the administration or the opposition to frame us in the deal. Being a law abiding citizen, we overcome all these hurdles with right connections at the top.

If we are politicians, it is most likely that we get a chest pain when police come knocking with arrest warrant. We usually get admitted into a hospital much before their arrival. Whenever our political party is defeated in the election, we always take stock of the situation and retrospect as to why and what went wrong but still arrive no where! If caught in ‘horse-trading’ or rigging the votes on camera, we plead not guilty blaming the very media whom they patronize.

We always show our full faith in judiciary but the moment the court verdict goes against us, all our faith and respect vanishes. We are never afraid or ashamed to go to jail because we always come out on bail or pay-roll. Our learned lawyers ensure that the case is dragged on and on. Finally, we go for appeal in higher court.

 No doubt, we have mastered the art of saving our skin through various loopholes in the system. After all, all these loopholes are part of the law and we are abiding citizens of those very laws!