Friday, August 12, 2011

Security beefed up!

Come Independence/Republic day, all states are put on high alert and states are asked to beef up the security. Security is also beefed up whenever there is bomb blast anywhere in the country.  At least that is what our Prime Minister or Home Minister tells the media after the incidence. Otherwise, the security is also beefed up if any VIP or their siblings visit any town to inaugurate a barber shop!

It can be observed that so called security is beefed up at places of importance, bus stand, railway stations, airports, cinema hall and malls for just a day or two and thereafter life is back to normal as if the threat is over for ever.

Look at the security measures, so called beefed up- Rickety and sometimes non functional metal detectors are installed at the entrance of railway stations with one or no security guard to monitor any beep. In smaller town, the security guard will have just a stick in his hand, no gun. Anyone wanting to avoid the metal detector can easily enter the platform from the vast open railway track from both side of the platform where there would be no one to check. At multiplexes and Malls, even if two security guards are made to stand at the entrance, what if one enters from the basement/car parking lot via lift! No check point for lift users. The security guard at the temple can easily be tricked if ‘Prasadam’ is offered to him. . At some places, one can get away with security guards if start conversation in chaste English with him. He would be ‘dumb stuck’ and one can get on with his work.

Yes, security is really tightened at the residences of our politician in the name of ‘threat to their life’ but the same threat does not apply to common man on the street, those travelling in local trains or buses, hence no security. Unfortunately, what is lacking is Vigilance. This is a key word for security. Vigilance should not only by the Government but also, WE THE PEOPLE. All shops, market places, historical places , educational institutions, air, railway/bus stations prone to any kind of attacks (not only terrorist attack but local communal/ political  attacks also) must be covered with high resolution 24x7 , 365 days functional CCTv to monitor movement  for taking timely action. In fact, vehicles are not checked at all, the security check at all the toll gates on national highways in the country must be made stringent round the year.

Need of the hour is to be aware, be informed and be vigilant, security beefed up or not! Happy & safe Independence day.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Independence from Corruption?

Is it not a nation’s shame a Chief Minister from South shamelessly refused to step down despite corruption charges and 'dikat' from his party command to step down , two of the high ranking union ministers had to be reprimanded by their high command to vacate the five star hotels where they were staying for 100 days and to shift to government bungalows as an austerity measures in view of the time country is reeling under economic recession and drought like situation. While one minister clarifies that he is footing the bill from his pocket, the other one is diplomatically telling that he has made his own ‘private arrangement’. Now it is for him to clarify what does this private arrangement means? Definitely it does not mean ‘from one’s own pocket’.

 But the question is why in the first place these learned ministers and Member of Parliament needs directions time and again from higher ups to behave or to project simplicity? In fact, nowadays High Courts & Supreme Court is stepping in to give directions to the civic authorities and the governments to act in a particular fashion.Why do such people need directions and support all the time when there is a drought or panic situations. Does this mean that during other times, one is free to display and live with extravagances? 

Than, there is a news about two ex- Jharkhand cabinet ministers (during 2006-08) who are now in judicial custody having non taxable income on paper but have business concerns, mines, real estate companies and hotels in Singapore, Dubai, Indonesia and Thailand. Others involved like Kalmadi, Raja are cooling their heels in jail.Other kind of politicians includes local corporators who keep going on foreign jaunts to Singapore, Dubai or China on so called Study tours at the tax payer’s expenses. Each one of them wants to make their city or town to be model city like Singapore or Dubai but ends up with a fat bank balance of their own in India or abroad.

 A large number of Government servants (aptly called Babus) have fallen in to the trap of ‘Lokayukta’ for corrupt practices and for having assets beyond their means but all these disclosures have remained headlines of newspapers but nothing has moved beyond. Not a single babu appears to have been punished or jailed till now. Oh yes, these babus and politicians when caught pretend to get chest pain and get themselves admitted to a hospital! The common man is just left behind to fend with high voltage political jargons like ‘Garibi Hatao’, ‘India Shining’ or ‘Aam Admi ke liye’ etc etc. The age old funda ‘Simple living, high thinking’ is no more valid. There is no place for any ‘Introspection’ for them anywhere, whether you live or die! 
Can we expect a corruption free nation on this Independence day?