Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Vacant Site

This article is not about investment in a piece of land also called site or a plot. This is a pathetic story about any vacant site located in any residential or commercial area purchased with hard earned money by someone looking forward to construct a dream house in future. Alas, till then the site becomes a battle ground of sort!

The residents of neighboring house surrounding it gets an edge over others as far as convenience of throwing household garbage is concerned. They don’t have to wait for the corporation garbage collector to come calling. They can throw anything and everything from their window of first floor on to the vacant site.

Then there are those maid servants working in various houses and apartments in the locality who on the instructions of their master (read house wives) pack the household garbage in a carry bag and while going to next house on work find nothing amusing to throw the carry bag like a football on the vacant site. Their area of such operation covers several such vacant plots in their jurisdiction.

Not to be left behind, there are so called ‘educated’ class in their two wheeler or swanky car who on their way to office, stop near such vacant site, open the door and there goes the bundle of trash. Such people never look back and speed away their vehicle with lightning speed as if some marathon is going on. Such people if objected, ask us to mind our own business!

If any house or apartment is being renovated in the vicinity of such sites, rest assured the site can come very handy to dump discarded furniture to broken concrete slabs, tiles, fixtures to discarded commode! Those having garden or coconut trees in their compound find it very convenient to throw the huge leaves and coconut shells at the vacant site. Invariably broken garden pots and discarded plants find a place in these vacant sites.

In the last, I will be failing to acknowledge those rag-pickers who with their stick keep spreading all the garbage on the road in search of items valuable to them. In short, vacant sites are a necessity in our life in absence of which all road corners would turn out to be a dumping ground!!