Thursday, March 4, 2010

“A” Certificate for Ashram

Once again a new age god man hailing from Tamil Nadu but based near Bangalore is in the news for all the right reasons. He has been caught on camera indulging in love making with all possible sexual gestures with lady attender and disciple lying on his cozy bed. In fact, one of the disciples shown on TV channels is reported to be a film star from south. There is very little doubt that they have been doctored. As of now, the god man is reported to have gone to attend ‘Kumbh Mela’ and possibly washing his sins in the light of this expose.

As far as my memory goes, such a kind of merry making was started 4 decades back in Bhagwan Rajaneesh ashram at Pune. Hundreds of westerners and elite people from our own Bollywood   used to throng Rajneesh ashram in search of inner peace. The disciple’s commune remained out of bound to outsiders and insiders were always tight lipped as to what happens inside. All that was reported in newspapers was nude dance inside the ashram in the presence of Rajneesh and traders in Charas, Ganja etc had thriving business outside the ashram. One of his books in Hindi sold like hot cakes those days was “Sambhog se Samadhi tak” (From ‘Sex to grave yard’ is a crude translation in English).

Many of such present day demi -gods live like a king in fort like surroundings, stay in all the comforts of wide spread ashrams and villas with  five star facilities giving occasional  ‘darshan’ to the public in a Hindi mythological filmy style  sitting on a huge ornamental chair studded with gold , silver and may be jewels.
From time to time some or the other god man, spiritual guru or tantric is getting involved in these kind of scandals. Few years back in Tamil Nadu, a self styled Sri Lankan set up an ashram in Trichy, managed to lure many girls including minors in to his ‘free consciousness’ style of thinking. After several girls leveling rape charges against him, he was convicted and now cooling his heals in jail serving a double life term. Another god man from Gujarat is facing charges of killing 2 young boys. A very famous and powerful tantric during the regime of than Prime Minister, had an easy access to the PMO’s office in Delhi. He was involved in hawala transaction as well as unauthorized arms deal. A holy man from a mutt in south is facing a charge of conspiracy to murder!  In the name curing or helping issueless women, many Sadhus and Tantriks have been caught in heinous sex crimes. The list of such unholy act by holy men is aplenty.
Thinking of all these,  I suggest to  the Government to categorize such ashrams and self styled god men as “A” on the lines of film censor board so that only adult devotees can join these ashrams voluntarily who are not ignorant of happenings inside so that again no more ashram rocks with  expose like this in future! Amen.


  1. I don't blame them...I blame his followers...the yes men and women who have nothing better to do...these Godmen are just businessmen with good sales talk and can sell a fool anything.

  2. I do agree with Nalini on this. Devotion and spirituality is to gain peace of mind but not to find people in 'pieces'. For such peace of mind all it needs is a bit of self thinking and capability to judge what is right and what is not. Following such dumbo 'Guru's blindly is a CRIME!

    Not just that, even the IPC cannot punish these God man because there is no special provision to prosecute unless there is a complaint.

  3. As long as there are gullible people following such Godmen like a flock of sheep, these crimes will continue. It is only by educating the people against such Crookes we can put an end to this pernicious evil.

  4. Its sad how people fall for all these babas. they are a menace to the society!

    very nicely written post!

  5. The most funny part is that god man now says that he did not commit anything illegal......!!!!

  6. Hi,

    A great post.

    Modern Godmen are charlatans.They should be hanged and punished for playing with religious sentiments of people.

  7. Ayya, less than.0000-1% of abovesaid crimes are happening in asramas, and reliogious places in India, because few in number. In darkness so many "ayyankars" doing this without the permission from the other side and they cry/pray/bark/govern/lead for poor common man in the light.