Thursday, September 5, 2013

Filmy Story

Those of you who are exposed to Bollywood movies of yesteryears will agree that films of those days used to be made on expected lines.  In all the family movies, the hero or heroine has to be poor. If hero is from rich family, the heroine would be from poor family or else if hero is poor, heroine has to be rich. Both will never be of same status. They would fall in love and undergo conflict of ‘Ghar ki izzat’ & ‘Samaj kya kahega’ syndrome.

If it is a suspense movie, invariably the heroine’s soul would be in white sari singing the signature song of the movie in the thick of a jungle or around an old haveli where no one lives except a crooked looking watchman with a lantern in one hand & stick in the other. Unlike rich or poor hero/heroine, the soul would never be of our hero. It has to be female only! The hero will be following the white sari clad singing heroine who keeps vanishing behind bushes or would be surrounded by thick white smoke. In all such films, our hero is able to hear the song but can not make out from which direction the sound is coming even though the heroine would be around. For a normal person like us, it is not that difficult to guess the approximate distance and direction of sound in real life. At the end of the song, the heroine vanishes leaving the hero gasping with sweat on his forehead.

Another character of interest in those films is the villain. Not exactly with 6 or 8 packs on his body but will be a chain smoker with wicked looks. He is always eying on the heroine and her father’s property. Invariably, this villain gets a chance to rape the heroine in all the movies. Alas, despite all his muscular body and strength, he is never able to tear heroine’s cloth even after several minutes of struggle. Sometimes his goons chase the heroine but they are not able to run as fast as the heroine (what a shame!). Finally, poor villain gets blow after blow from the hero who arrives at the spot nick of the time to save heroine’s izzat.

Comedian is one more character necessary to carry the film forward. He keeps appearing and disappearing on the screen like filler in newspaper. His job is to make the audience laugh with his antics and buffoonery. It is absolutely not necessary that his character has to have any link with the story. Sometimes his track runs parallel to the main film which used to end when the entire family of both the hero and heroine unites happily.

The End.


  1. Excellent. Loved it. You may want to add the following 2 also.

    Most movies are love triangle. He loves her and she loves somebody else. She loves him and he loves somebody else.

    Another scenario. Hero is alone. He fights the bad VVIP of his town. All forces (including the police on the side of this bad guy). Finally, the hero kills the VVIP and marries his daughter/sister.

  2. Truth be told, yesteryear villans have given commendable performance than their heroes.

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  4. :) nice Blog...Excellent